there is somewhere in my mind a utopian dream, that keeps coming back to haunt me

Payal Arya

Untitled Payal Arya Image 1

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Through my artwork I wish to negotiate the space that exists in between the self and the other, I want to talk about this in-betweeness, this flux that is constantly being pushed in order to create oneself. Where the self is not created in the opposition of the other, but because of the exchange that takes place in between.

I am also drawn towards sites and places that hold their traces in them, yet these sites could be found anywhere. I hope to explore the palpability of holding onto a moment, of being able to deal with the sense of placelessness that seems to incessantly follow me, wherever I go.

Payal Arya is a 25 year old from Pune and she is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Art at the Shiv Nadar University, Delhi.

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