In a far off land, I see the snow cover me

Manya Sharma

and the sky blushing at the sun.

I am the residue
of the water of Indus and Beas
because the day it rained,
I was on the floor
picking up my broken pieces.

Ma left me along the lines of washed linen
- in the winters
when the sun was strong
we played with lawn chairs
and empty glass bottles.

On days when there is nothing
except a painful loneliness -
I swim to the other end.

In a far off land, I see
a desert where the sand
burns in the sun and I shatter.

At midnight, I am high 
on your apathy and my greed.

I am lost in a place
nobody ever visits and
there is nothing left but dirty linen.

In a far off land, I see fields of mustard
and the flowers are dead.

Manya Sharma is a Computer Science student at Shiv Nadar University.

Sanjiv RM loves photography and is fascinated by the beauty of art, music and language. He pushes himself to go beyond his comfort zone.

The Lonely Trail

Photo: Sanjiv RM

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