The House

Maunica Kolla

The unvisited house looks pale
The air in its rooms is sour and stale
The floor is filled with dark brown dust
The windowpanes are fallen to rust
The roof never looked so fragile 
Waiting to cave in a little while 
Wearing darkness this house will wait
For people to come and turn its fate

Finally the day when some people came
And joy coursed up its shivering frame
They poked and prodded and looked around
The house was glad to be finally found
Next morning it woke to a cheery bird’s call
To be caught in the swing of a wrecking ball

Maunica Kolla is an engineer with the heart of a poet. She enjoys playing with words. This poem has a place in her heart that she visits often.

Paromita Patranobish teaches English in D-205 and (r)ambles between real and imagined places at other times

Photo: Paromita Patranobish

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