Swetha Sekar

The Central Vista - a piece of green dotted with uniform concrete canopies with lamps at the borders - this is the little world of mine. 

I believe that when you're with people who know how to have a great time, the place doesn't really matter. It can be at your house, with a cup of coffee or at Hauz Khas Village with booze and good music. But, when I want to spend some alone time; well, that's a different story altogether.

‘21 March 2015, 10:00 pm’, I wrote in my diary:

Sprawled on the grass, just in time for the sunset, I saw the sun sink down and hide behind the boys' hostel. My phone rang for the umpteenth time, "It’s getting chilly. Get your ass to the library", said a familiar voice. And the other day, when I was watching the sunrise, it started to pour and two hands covered my head, "You'll catch a cold. Run!" rang the voice with concern. Couldn't I, just once, not be with people? Not be bothered by concerns about catching a cold, my laptop getting wet or being too late for class? Don’t they realize, once this moment is gone, it won't come back? Ugh. Stupid humans. Thank God for weekends, when everyone’s gone and I can sit under the street lamp near the canopy and scribble in my diary with no one to interrupt me.

I shut my diary and walked around the campus. Suddenly, the power went out. If you are ever walking on the roads of my campus, make sure you look up the minute the power goes out. Let me be honest, I'm afraid of the dark. But then Coldplay came on my playlist. "Look at the stars…look how they shine… for you," I sang along. “For everything you do…” Hell, there was no one around to hear me. I looked up at the sky and walked down the empty road.

At the cafe, now deserted, I ordered a cup of coffee and sat at the last bar stool. I took a sip and sat back. I smiled. Introspective Saturdays. Not bad - coffee, my perfectly timed playlist, the dimly lit campus and the absence of familiar faces.

My drunk friend stumbled into the café. "Are you drunk?" he asked. “I need to walk…” He almost toppled over. I hooked his arm over my shoulder and we took a long slow sober-up walk under the stars.

Weekends aren't long enough in this little world of mine. 

Swetha Sekar gets an adrenaline rush from singing and reading. Writing calms her down. She believes that not all those who wander are lost.

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