Call for Submission for Vol.1, Issue 2 Spring 2016

Deadline for submission: March 15th, 2016

Please email all submissions to:

For the second issue of Bodaki Crossing we invite submissions that respond to the prompt: colour

As the mustard in the fields around us ripens to a bright yellow and the gold-green wheat readies to be harvested, take the time to think about colours: how we see them, how we convey them in language, and all the ways in which our world is coloured. There is a science to colours. There is an art to colours. Colour is deeply symbolic of how people relate to each other or don’t.

As you reflect on the broken up frequencies of visible light this semester, please keep the following submission guidelines in mind:

1) We are open to all genres of traditional or experimental fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. We will consider translations. We are also open to video and audio submissions.

2) All written submissions must be in a word document, single-spaced, font size 12, Garamond.

3) Please include a 2-3 line author/artist bio to be included in the post.

4) All photography and art work must be resized to 600KB

5) All video and audio files must be uploaded on Youtube or sound cloud as “unlisted” files. Please share the link with us. Any sub-title file for the video should be embedded

6) All artwork must be accompanied with an artist statement and a title.

Please note that the editorial team expects selected authors to be willing to work with suggested revisions.

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